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Individuals with learning disabilities have helped develop a computer game to assist secure themselves from online predators.

The prototype video game #keepmesafe imitates typical scenarios faced by susceptible individuals using the web, consisting of staying safe on social networks, navigating digital relationships and online shopping.

Individuals aged 16 to 40 worked with professionals at the Scottish Centre for Enabling Technologies (SCET) to design the online game, discussing their online fears and methods to overcome them, with support from personnel at Midlothian Council.

The development teams used this information to produce the prototype of the video game, which was then given to individuals across Edinburgh and Midlothian to check out.

Idong Usoro, SCET technical director, stated: "Young individuals can relate really easily to computer games, so this is a rational method of engaging them with the info they need to remain safe online.

"For many young people, talking with others online is now their main source of interaction. This is particularly true for those with learning troubles, so it's vital they are aware of the threats so they can prepare for them.".

Stuart Caulfield, new media education task officer in health and social care with Midlothian Council, said the response from users had been "unbelievably favorable".

He said: "They all deal with various obstacles but this procedure brought them together and assisted them find out about online safety, which is important for them in their day-to-day lives.

"We do not desire youths with additional support has to avoid social networks - fairly the opposite. It's vital they understand how to use websites like Facebook, Amazon and Twitter safely so they can be positive and in control of their social lives.".

Developers expect the final variation of the video game to be ready later on in 2016.

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PC variation was never pointed out by the studio, however it appears like it will show up as Hajime Tabata, director of the project, says: At the minute, we focus completely on dedicated consoles versions. As soon as this scenario is solved, we will think about the possibility extreme PC variation, we will consider all choices. At the moment, we are not yet determined,


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